All of our services available during regular office hours are routinely filed with your insurance company and subject to your specific insurance coverage.  We do expect you to provide your current insurance information and be aware of your specific deductible and personal family coverage.  In this current environment an enormous part of our overhead is just directed to filing claims, refiling claims, obtaining insurance company authorization for medications, referrals, and general book-keeping for each family's insurance company (you get the picture). There is little  left for the truly important part of primary healthcare-medical prevention, education and real healthcare delivery.  Our staff wants to come to work to provide HEALTHCARE for children.  That is what they love and what they do best.  Everything you can do to help them stay on this mission is much appreciated.  PLEASE help us by working with your insurance companies and making sure they complete their obligations in a timely fashion.

Regular Office Hours:  We provide routine pediatric healthcare during our regular office hours. This includes well care (birth to 18 yrs age), management of sick children and intervention/consultations for a variety of medical, educational and behavioral issues (including ADD/ADHD). Patients are seen by appointments and we do request at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make an appointment.  To allow adequate time to work with families and their children, we do limit the number of routine scheduled appointments each day.  We always keep a certain number of appointments open for sick visits.  In additon, to help families plan their morning when unexpected illness strikes, we have created an on-line appointment schedule for urgent visits.  This schedule may be accessed on the internet by you the night before to reserve one of the early morning urgent appointments.
After hours Services:
If you have a medical emergency afterhours, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
If you have a medical problem afterhours, please dial our regular office phone number: (843) 795-0900.  There is always an experienced pediatric nurse available to guide you through a problem or direct you to the appropriate care.  If the nurse has any other concerns, she can always contact our on-call medical provider. 
If you think you just need to bring your child in to the office the following morning, you can access an urgent appointment yourself at any time of the night by going to the Appointment Link located on the After-hours page. There is no need to call our office for this.
Non-Insurance Covered Services:
These services are offered through our practice but are offered outside regular office hours and are not filed with insurance.  We consider these services supplemental to regular office visits.  To expand  resources and control costs, a  fee is collected prior to service. With the exception of our housecall service (Peds-Mobile), fees are nominal.   Payment is completed through PayPal and does not require a PayPal account. These services include: Peds-Mobile, most Classes and E-Consults. Further information is available on each specific service page.
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